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Wealth Management

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Wealth Management
Our Wealth Management area is comprised of Financial Advisors with vast experience in the financial sector, mainly managing relationships with customers, both individuals and companies. This area is focused on advising investors in compliance with Nobilis’ investment philosophy that requires a thorough understanding of the investment objectives of each client, depending on their time horizon and risk profile.

This allows us to develop specific investment strategies for each client, aligned directly with their investment objectives. Financial Advisors in turn get support from the Research Department to determine the best investment options available and monitor the different markets and securities. Additionally, the Trading Desk is committed to fast execution of orders from clients and getting the best quotes available from both, local and international markets.

Wealth Management is conceived as comprehensive financial management of each client’s investments, based not only on strictly financial aspects but also on all matters relating to the transmission of wealth to future generations or to whom the client determines. All this is done in an orderly manner and with absolute certainty from legal and operational points of view.


About us

Nobilis is a story of more than a hundred years of trust, growth and projection, thought for the future and the long term based on solid foundations.

Trading Desk

Our Trading Desk is comprised of a team with solid experience in the market.