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A team of professionals that generate investment strategies by selecting the appropriate asset allocation that corresponds to the different investment profiles of our clients. The team selects suitable financial instruments and provides analysis and insight on macroeconomic, financial and political matters concerning different countries and markets. The strategies and outlooks are in turn validated by Nobilis’ Investment Committee. This allows the Financial Advisor to work with each client in defining the optimal portfolio.
Our Research Team draws on reports from best-in-class analysts and external consultant services that provide different views on the market and investment opportunities. On the other hand, it has ongoing contact with various local and international suppliers of investment products and financial solutions.

More About Us

Wealth Management

It is made up of professionals with a proven track record in financial advisory roles, who take into account the objectives and risk preferences of each client in order to prepare a customized and suitable investment portfolio.

Trading Desk

Our Trading Desk is comprised of a team with solid experience in the market. Provides world-class order execution for fixed income (government and corporate securities); equities (stocks, ETFs and options) and investment funds; and has a vast network of counterparts and correspondents to rapidly access different markets and at highly competitive prices.


It is in charge of designing and supervising the implementation of all the rules and regulations imposed by the regulatory entity as well as Nobilis’ internal policies.

The Compliance Department protects the interests of clients through the adequate knowledge of the relevant regulation...